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  • Location : Angola
  • Surface : Variable
  • Coordination : Marco da Silva Lopes
  • Project Chief : Bruno Ramos Ferraz
Nowadays, the creation of infrastructures for small housing units agglomerates in development is a recurring theme. Several issues, such as the expansion, construction techniques, it’s constraints, and finally their entity, are being discussed. When it comes to equipment related to the medical sector, there is still a job plus adaptation of minimum operation needs, so that it can serve the populations in an effective way. Our goal was to pursuit the house archetype to set the profile and "face" of the building, with the purpose of recognizing some relationship with the built. The constructive process proposed is based on a technique of galvanized steel structure that allows a slight easy transport of materials and easy construction. The outside surface is formed by an exterior system isolation composed with a thermal insulation of 15 cm thickness, where it is applied a finishing of smooth mortar and a UV paint that provides a neutral appearance as the image of a medical center. Wooden surfaces are used to define the shades and decks in common and leisure areas around the complex, thereby conferring a more welcoming character to these spaces.